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Why I’m Not Writing About Skirmish Line

EDIT: About a week after originally posting this, I have reconsidered my position and decided to go forward writing about Skirmish Line after all.


Hello, Null here. I’d like to talk about Skirmish Line and why I won’t write about it.

The most recent game on our list of upcoming analyses, Skirmish Line by Snarky Ant LLC, is quite different from the type of thing I’d normally write about. In fact, the game is so strange to me that I cannot understand its appeal. In my initial play session, I found what I thought to be severe design flaws that made the game completely unenjoyable. I had initially intended to write an article telling the developers to strip the bulk of their features off and focus on making the basic game play and feel better. This all changed when I searched for other examples in the game’s genre. I went for the most obvious comparison, Mud and Blood 2, a game which I had never played but which had been listed on Skirmish Line’s webpage as its inspiration.

Given that the creators of Skirmish Line enjoyed MB2 enough to make a spiritual successor, I thought this must be a much better game in the fields I was looking at as a designer. Strangely enough, I was wrong. The “problems” that I identified in Skirmish Line were also present in MB2. To compound on the strangeness, MB2 is a well received game, having a 4.5 star rating on Kongregate and plenty of players in the comments who seem to be enjoying it.


Ultimately, I was led to the conclusion that this just isn’t my sort of game. Any attempt at analysis and constructive criticism would lead to me pushing the game to be something besides what it is. Therefore, I am striking Skirmish Line from the list for the time being and moving on to other games. I wish all the best for Skirmish Line and its devs. I hope they find success with their game, and I apologize for being unable to help with its development.

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Hi Null. Thanks for taking the time to try out Skirmish Line. As content creators, we are always eager to hear feedback from people playing our content. Understandably, tastes and preferences vary, and sometimes a game simply does not appeal to a player.