Vote for Features!

Would you like to contribute to the development of any of our games? Well you’re in luck. On this page, there are polls that have an important role to play in determining what parts of our games to work on next. Here’s how it works:

Normally, we at Stealth Elephants will work on whatever game we’re currently most interested in working on. That might mean a new feature for our current games, or a new game entirely. But what if we’re not working on the game you want us to work on? Well that’s where the polls here come in. Whenever an item on a poll surpasses a specific threshold, (which is written underneath each poll) we’ll move it up to the top of our priority list and get it out there as soon as we can.

It should be noted that the current polls require extremely low thresholds for voting. That’s because we have an audience of basically nobody so if there’s anyone interested in a feature enough to vote then that’s enough interest to have it added to the game. You can expect the voting thresholds to increase in size as our audience grows.


Which of these Minor Features would you like to have added to Captain Cosmo?

The above options are a list of features that I think I could feasibly complete in a very short span of time. If any option gets more than 3 votes, it will be added to the game.

Which of these Major Features would you like to have added to Captain Cosmo?

The above features are considered Major Features that would take a significant amount of time to implement. If any of them reach 10 votes, they will be added to the game.